Akatsuki Okumura/Sonozaki (暁奥村) is a major character in the fan fiction Hyacintho Exorcistis. He is the older adopted brother of Rin and Yukio Okumura and Juri Okumura/Tokugawa. He is also a Middle Second Class Dragoon and Tamer.

Appearance Edit

Akatsuki is a tall young man with pale skin and messy brown hair. He has olive-green eyes and is often described by Juri as a "too serious kid that probably hit maturity at birth" as a joke. He rarely smiles, but when he does he is described to look at least a year or two younger than his actual age. According to the older girls at True Cross, he is quite a catch.

Personality Edit

As said above, Akatsuki has a very serious personality that makes him seem older than his age, which is actually eighteen. He rarely cracks a joke with friends and prefers to get the job done properly, which can lead to people believing he has a "stick up his butt." Despite this serious demeanour, Akatsuki can become quite caring and warm toward others when family is concerned. This was often shown when he helped Rin learn how to cook, often laughing whenever Rin burned something and telling him to keep at it until he could do it without his help. However, when Rin and Yukio found out that Akatsuki and Juri were exorcists, his warm side slowly faded for a while, slowly building back up as time passed.

History Edit

Akatsuki was orphaned at the age of three, along with the daughter of his mother's friend (who was two) and was taken in by Shiro Fujimoto, who had previously taken in Rin and Yukio Okumura as his own sons. The cause for Akatsuki to be orphaned was that, while his mother was cooking dinner, a random attack from some Lower-Class demons occurred, and one had managed to get into their house. After poisoning his mother and leaving her to die, the demon came after Akatsuki, only to be suddenly exorcised by Shiro, who had just arrived from Juri's house. Akatsuki, however, had already acquired a temptaint from the demon. Shiro took Akatsuki back to the monastery with him and raised him as his own son. Akatsuki soon forgot his life before Shiro, as the demon attacked caused him to repress his memory of it, and continued to act as the older brother of his three younger adopted siblings.

When he reached the age of eleven, Shiro came to him and Juri to ask if they wanted to be exorcists in order to protect Rin and Yukio. The two agreed, and Akatsuki managed to complete his training a year before Juri, ahead of his class. At age fifteen, he was a Lower Second Class Dragoon and Tamer.

When Juri finished her training at the same age, she became the new pharmacueticals teacher for the cram school just a year later. This meant that both Akatsuki and Juri needed to attend the school, which was kindly arranged by Mephisto Pheles and Shiro.

As soon as Rin and Yukio began to attend True Cross, Akatsuki was assigned as their caretaker, staying in the same room as them in the abandoned dorm. He was also assigned to watch their cram school classes while he wasn't on exorcism missions.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

Akatsuki had shown promise in his classes when training to be an exorcist, such as his speed in exorcisms and his quick thinking in demon attacks.

Tamer Edit

Showing much skill in being a Tamer, Akatsuki is able to summon a variety of demons to use at his disposal, although he mostly uses a demon that resembles a worn monkey-shaped doll that is blue and slightly larger than his head. Because of its constant, sewn-on smile, he named it Cheeky. Cheeky's abilities are yet to be shown, but it seems he has easily learned to speak human from Akatsuki.

Dragoon Edit

Akatsuki is a very sharp shooter, almost never missing his target. He has three guns - twin pistols and a rifle - named, ironically, as "Younger Brothers" and "Younger Sister". He primarily uses Younger Brothers when shooting, and Younger Sister for long-range targets.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the fact that he is Akatsuki Sonozaki by birth, Akatsuki considers himself to always be an Okumura. Reason is that he believes that if someone goes by a name other than their birth name for a long enough time, then their new name will become their true name.
  • Even though Akatsuki is more like Yukio in Ao no Exorcist, he is actually more of a role model for Rin, being determined and headstrong in his actions.
  • Akatsuki considers Shura as less of a rival than Juri does, but still sees her as a rival nonetheless.

Quotes Edit

"My name is Akatsuki Okumura. My birth name, dear brothers, is Akatsuki Sonozaki. I am an exorcist and I have been for the last three years. This, however, does not change the fact that you are my little brother and that I am your big brother. So, do not treat me like the stranger you think I am." - to Rin and Yukio

"Well, well, well - you're teaching our brothers' class?" - to Juri