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God's first creatures were not mundane, but like Him, they were divine. These beings of light were beyond sin or flaw. They had no selfish desires or ambitions. When God did at last create humanity, these first creatures were assigned to them. To guide, protect, enlighten, heal, and even take the souls of their dead to either the white kingdom, or the fiery abyss. When they did this, they often took the forms of the humans they were serving. But they were by no means mistaken for humans. Their human forms were beautiful, and given wings to symbolize their transcendence over the earth. The humans began to refer to them as 'Angels' meaning 'Messengers'.

—Narrator , In Chapter 1, Genesis

Biography Edit

Angels were created by God before the very existence of humanity. The oldest among them are the Archangels, who predate the universe itself.

Angels were sent to earth by God for various tasks over the millennia, which included expelling demons from human hosts.

Eventually, Angels, rather than casting demons out themselves, taught humans how to do so without them so they could become more independent.

Since that time, Angels have very rarely interacted with humans directly.

Also, Angels (especially the Archangels) have often been mistaken for pagan deities by humans.

Characteristics Edit

Though the ability of Angels varies depending on their class, they all share the following traits in common.

Flight - All Angels are given a pair of wings which they use for flight and protection. However, if an Angel's wings are cut off they can never heal or grow back.

Beauty - All Angels are said to retain immense beauty, beyond compare.

True Forms - An Angel's true form takes various appearances depending on class. A human or demon who tries to look directly at their true form can be blinded or even die. Gabriel has admitted that at the attack on Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot's wife looked directly at his true form, and turned into a pillar of salt as a result.

Androgynous - An Angel's true form lacks a defined gender. Whenever an Angel adopts a human form, they must pick a gender for their temporary body.

Enhanced Strength - Angels are superior in strength to humans and most demons.

Enhanced Stamina - Angels never tier and do not need sleep. They are also exceptionally hard to knock unconscious as shown when Gabriel stayed conscious after being hit from behind with Lucifer's mace.

Immunity - Angels are immune to most things that would kill a demon. This includes Holy Water, demon killing bullets, blessed silver, etc.

Lower-Tier Omniscience - Angels are able to sense almost anything around them. However, there are limitations. For example, Gabriel and Uriel were able to sense Rin's power from the moment they stepped into True Cross Academy, but were unable to pinpoint it.

Immortality - While Angels can be killed, they never age, become sick, tire, or hunger.

Healing - All Angels are able to heal humans. However, only the Archangel Raphael and the Grigory can heal other Angels.

Supernatural Perception - Angels are able to perceive the true appearance of other Angels and demons (even while possessing a human body).

Prayer - Angels are able to hear any prayer made by a human so long as it is directed towards that Angel.

Shape shifting - Since their human form is artificial, Angels are able to alter the physical appearance of their human body. This has been demonstrated by Gabriel and Uriel when they made their human forms appear younger.

Telekinesis - Angels are able to move things without touching them. They demonstrated this when Gabriel and Uriel pinned Mephisto to his chair just by flicking their fingers towards him.

Classes Edit

Angels fall under a number of subcategories that define their place in Heaven, as well as their powers and ranking.

The number of an Angel's wings come sometimes be an indicator for celestial status. As Cherubim, who are ranked third in Heaven, have four wings while Seraphim, who are ranked second, have six wings.

Cupids - These are Angels of love who bond two people together. Cupids are all female (that is, they all take a female human form) and they are often sent to earth for the union of people whose children will play a large part in God's plan.

Dominions - These are Angels of justice who insure that virtuous people are rewarded while wicked people are punished.

Virtues - These are the Angels of art and nature. Virtues both inspire people to create art, fashion, literature, etc. as well as take care of the earth to stem damage to the environment.

Principalities - These are Angels of peace. Principalities sometimes alter emotions to help stubborn parties come to an understanding. They are the "Angels on your shoulder".

Guardian Angels - As their name suggests, these Angels devote their lives to protecting the lives of the virtuous. They also sometimes heal the sick or can save a person who is an inch from death.

Visions - These are Angels who deliver divine revelation from God. Visions are the Angels who gave prophets their sight of the future.

Enlightenment Angels - These Angels give knowledge and warnings of future events to humans, usually through indirect contact. They are the source of instinct or, as some people call it, a sixth sense.

Thrones - These are Angels who go to earth to kill demons. Because of the constant threat of demons, Thrones are constantly going to and from Heaven.

Reapers - Also known as "Angels of Death", Reapers take the souls of dead humans to either the heights of Heaven or the depths of Hell. They are lead by the Angel Azrael, who answers directly to Michael.

Messenger Angels - Angels that give humanity messages from God. Sometimes these Angels will speak to humans directly, but mostly communicate through a type of sign.

Grigory - Also called "Watcher Angels", these Angels go to the earth to heal the sick and wounded. In the battlefields between Heaven and Hell, Grigory even heal other Angels, which is something that only they and the Archangel Raphael can do.

Powers - These are the Angels who maintain order in Heaven, keeping the lower ranks in line.

Makers - These are Angels who forge the weapons of Heaven. The very first thing to be made by them was the sword of Michael himself. It is said that they once crafted the white cities of Heaven and the dark towers of Hell.

Scribes - Scribes are some of the few Angels who actually come face to face with God. Scribes record the Word of God and then it is given to a Messenger Angel to deliver to humanity. They are lead by the Angel Metatron.

Cherubim - These Angels encircle the thrown of God, singing "Holy, Holy, Holy". They, along with the Seraphim, stand ready and waiting for God's command to go to the earth and slay evil where ever they find it. They are also often called upon by the Archangel Uriel to slay evil.

Seraphim - Second in Heaven to the Archangels, the Seraphim dish out orders from the Archangels to the rest of Heaven. During the end of the world, the Seraphim are to act as warriors and slay evil. They are also often called upon by the Archangel Gabriel to slay evil.

Choirs Edit

There are several choirs of angels that oversee various responsibilities.

First Choir - Angels that remain in Heaven for the most part and attend to matters there.

Second Choir - Also known as the "Stealth Choir", the second choir is made up of Angels that are sent to earth to slay demons covertly so that they don't affect the humans around the area.

Third Choir - Angels who are sent to earth to inspire humans and enlighten them.

Fourth Choir - Angels who are sent to Assiah for the protection and healing of humans.

Fifth Choir - Angels who oversee the balance of the universe.

Sixth Choir - Angels who oversee research and historic records.

Seventh Choir - Also called the "Reserved Choir", these are the most powerful Angels next to the Archangels themselves. They rarely see action as so many of them have trouble controlling their power.

Archangels Edit

Archangels exist outside of the three choirs. They are the ultimate authority in Heaven and are only assigned to earth for the most important tasks. They are the angelic counterparts to the Eight Demon Kings.

Archangel of Death, Time, and Sorrow - This Archangel is the crowned princess of Reapers.

Archangel of Speed, Truth, and Courage - This Archangel is the crowned prince of Principalities, Messenger Angels, and Seraphim.

Archangel of Art, Love, and Protection - This Archangel is the crowned princess of Cupids, Virtues, Guardian Angels, and Cherubim.

Archangel of the Wind, Wisdom, and Foresight - This Archangel is the crowned princess of Enlightenment Angels, Scribes, Grigory, and Visions.

Archangel of Justice, Strength, and Loyalty - Though specifically related to Dominions, Thrones, Makers, and Powers, this Archangel is the crowned prince of the entire heavenly host, even to the other Archangels.

Fallen Angels Edit

Some Angels choose to disobey God. When the are apprehended, they are brought before Michael, prince of all Angels. Michael then strips the disobedient Angel of their wings and casts them into Gehenna. They have the name 'Fallen Angel' because they literally fall from Heaven like a star upon being cast out. Upon reaching Gehenna, the Angel is then tortured by Satan. Over some centuries, this causes the Angel to transform into a demon. Fallen Angels loss much of their power upon being cast out, but they are still considerably dangerous. That said, there are very few Fallen Angels anymore. They now make up only a small fraction of demons that exist, as Archangels massacred several of them centuries ago.

Satan Edit

Satan is the first Fallen Angel and the only Fallen Archangel. When God gave the command to Angels to bow down before humanity, Satan (Known as Lucifer at the time) refused. He declared a war against Heaven and all the Angels that agreed with Lucifer fought along side him.

When the war ended, Heaven had won. Michael then cast out Lucifer and all his Angels into the depths of Gehenna.

Though he is technically a Fallen Angel. Satan retains many of the powers he had as an Angel, including his wings.

Dark Angels Edit

Dark Angels, like Fallen Angels, fell from Heaven as punishment for following their own selfish desires. However, these Angels were given the chance to redeem themselves through killing demons on Assiah, but most end up being killed before then. As of chapter 10 all Dark Angels have been searching for The Seven Seals so they regain their angelic status.

Offspring Edit

Angels are able to reproduce with one another, although this rarely happens. This is because most Angels feel that since they live forever, there is no real need or purpose to having children.

Angels are also able to have children through humans, although this too is very rare. This is because the union of Angel and human is a divine taboo. Attempting or succeeding in having a child through a human is grounds for an Angel to be cast out.

The offspring of such a union between Angels and humans is known as the nephilim. Nephilim are considered especially dangerous by Heaven, because while they posses the power of an Angel, they have the free will and morality of humans. Any nephilim found by the Angels is supposed to be killed on sight.

Still, Angels and humans are allowed to fall in love and have a relationship with each other. The only taboo being that they can not conceive a nephilim.

Fallen Angels who have children though will always only have demon children. This happens regardless of a Fallen Angels power, as seen with Satan and his sons, the Demon Kings and Rin Okumura.

Weaknesses Edit

Holy Fire - Angels can be injured by Holy Fire the same way normal fire can hurt humans. It can burn them and even kill them if they are completely smothered in it.

Angel Weapons - Angels are vulnerable to their own blades. They can be killed by Angel swords even if it is a demon or human wielding them.

God - Being their creator, God can just as easily destroy Angels.

Wings - Even though there is no part of an Angel that is stronger, if an Angel's wings are cut or burned off, their wings can never be grown back, and they can never return to Heaven without them. They are very similar to a demons' tail in this sense, which is why Angels almost always tuck in their wings while they're not flying.

Demons - Some upper level demons are able to weaken or even kill Angels.

Gehenna - Gehenna was originally formed to be a prison for Fallen Angels. It can still hold any Angel and keep them from escaping to Assiah or Heaven.

Archangels - Archangels are the most powerful force in Heaven next to God Himself. They could easily slaughter the rest of Heaven if they were so inclined.

Physical Trauma - Even though this won't kill the Angel, enough physical damage can cause an Angel's human form to break down and force them to retreat to Heaven.

Lamb's Blood - Angel's are unable to cross any passage way that has been marked with Lamb's blood. This is derived from the time in Egypt when the Angel of Death killed all the first born sons of the Egyptians, but left the slaves that had marked their passage way with Lamb's blood untouched.

Blue Flames - Angels are affected by blue flames the same way they are with Holy Fire. They can be injured and even killed in serious cases.

Angel Warding - Like demons, Angels can be blocked from a certain area using shielding spells.

Shofar Trumpets - These ceremonial trumpets are made from a ram's horn and were used in ancient times to signal the start of a war. This is because shofar trumpets banish all Angel in the area in which it is blown back to Heaven, so there are no Angels to stop the war or protect those involved.

Leviathan's Bone - The Leviathan were an ancient race of sea serpents that were created some time after the Archangels, but before the rest of the Angels. They were all later killed by the Archangel Gabriel. Even though Archangels are immune to it, a sharpened bone from a Leviathan can kill an Angel.

Snake Venom - Snakes are symbols of the Devil. The same way Holy Water can burn demons, Angels can be burned by snake venom.

Other Angels - Angels retain the power to kill their own.

Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels can kill Angels.


  • A large group of Angels is called a 'flight'.
  • While the appearance of demons in Blue Exorcist normally doesn't line up with traditional depictions, Angels fit all the traditional traits (halo, wings, etc.).