Kanji ベルプヘゴル
Romanji Berufegōru
Race Demon
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair golden-blonde
Unusual Features Likes collecting skulls of his victims
Professional Status
Affiliation Gehenna
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives Satan (father)

The Six Princes of Hell (brothers)
Miya (sister)
Rin & Yukio Okumura (half-brothers)
Leviathan (half-brother)
Aoi Okumura (half-sister)

Alias Lord Death (Shinigami-sama)
Exorcist Status
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Belphegor (ベルプヘゴル / Berufegōru) is the Fourth Prince of Gehenna and a son of Satan and an unknown mother. Not much is known about him, except that he's one of Rin's brothers.


Belphegor has sharp, red eyes and golden-blonde hair. Like every demon, he has horns; but Belphegor's ones are golden and curled. He wears a red, 18th century butler attire and always has a skull with him. In addition, he's as tall as Mephisto despite being much younger than him and he has a slim body like Amaimon.


Not much is known about Belphegor. However, Aoi states that Belphegor represents the sin of sloth, one of the seven deadly sins. Therefore, Belphegor appears arrogant and is notoriously narcissistic. He is known as Lord Death (死神さま / Shinigami-sama) because he loves collecting his victims' skulls, a homage to the grim reaper. Furthermore, he is said to think of humans and "commoners" (low demons) as peasants, for he is a prince.



Powers & Abilities Edit

Blue flames of Satan


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  • In demonology, Belphegor (or Belphagor) is one of the Seven Princes of Hell representing the sins of Vanity and Sloth.
  • Belphegor was featured in many demon tales in Assiah.
  • He loves collecting skulls of his victims - especially famous victims. He is said to have killed Emperor Charles V.
  • Belphegor has maidservants polishing his collection of skulls every month, another example of his narcissistic traits.