Gehenna is the world in which demons live. For those who have been possessed by Satan or his sons during their lifetime, Gehenna is the underworld. Satan is the King of Gehenna and is also said to be its god. Currently, not much is known about this type of underworld, except that the only way to get to Gehenna as a living being is through the Gehenna gate (which only Satan and his family can open).

Ranks and Titles in GehennaEdit

Like in Assiah, demons have a hierachy amongst them, the highest being that of the royal family. However, these titles are hereditary; unlike in Assiah, the titles of demons are not "just" titles. They are hereditary, meaning they don't just indicate status, but also how powerful a demon can become. Every title has its unique scale of power. The most powerful demons are those that belong to the royal family. Here's a list of (noble) ranks and titles in Gehenna:

  • King - the most powerful demon in existance. This title is final.
  • Queen - the king's consort and also the second most powerful demon in existance. Also a final title.
  • Prince & Princess - The King's children. Their power scales vary by which order they're born.
  • Duke & Duchess - equivalent to the rank of a Middle-First-class Exorcist. They're usually the King's advisors. Unlike the royal family, a duchess merely indicates the wife of a duke. Same to the other lower ranks.
  • Earl & Countess - A demon Earl is a servant of a duke, a countess being his wife.
  • Viscount - Usually a royal missionary and commander of the Barons.
  • Baron - Advisors for ranks above them and a low-class demons.
  • Knight - usually serve as defendants of the royal district.

Princes and Princesses usually inherit their titles once they reach a certain age. Until then, they are to be called Young Master (jap.: 若 - waka). Children of ranks below the royal family are merely associated with their parents' title. Young Masters always have a demon maidservant with them. This maidservant can be of any rank except royal. Most females in Gehenna serve as maidservants since they aren't allowed to battle. The only femals actually fighting are the Queen and the princesses.

Styles of the NoblesEdit

  • King & Queen: His/Her Majesty (HM)
  • Prince & Princess: children of Satan and his contemporary queen consort: His/Her Royal Highness (HRH), children of Satan only: His/Her Highness (HH)
  • Duke & Duchess: His Grace, the duchess is merely titled Lady.
  • Earl & Countess: His Exelency and Lady (for the countess)
  • Viscount: His Honour
  • Baron: Lord
  • Knight: Sir

Inferior nobles address the superior nobles with their proper style.

Royal Family of GehennaEdit

The royal family of Gehenna consists all of Satan's offsprings. Since Satan is the King of Gehenna, all of his children bear the title prince or princess and are styled Your Highness (jap.: 殿下 / denka) or have the Japanese suffix -dono (only used for royals) on their name.

The King and the Queen are styled Your Majesty (jap.: 陛下 / heika), the spoken style, or His Majesty/Her Majesty the Queen (jap.: 女王陛下 / joou heika), the referenced style. They are also addressed as -dono (as in lord/lady) by demons. Here's a list of the royal family in Gehenna:

Save the Okumura siblings, Mephisto and Amaimon, not much is known about the other children of Satan. Since Yuri is Satan's queen consort, her children are ranked above the other members of the royal family, despite being younger than their other siblings. They usually have the title Your Royal Highness as an indication of superiority.


  • The noble ranks and their styles are taken mostly from the British system of nobility and styling. In today's time the style Your Royal Highness is still used among royal familes around the world, but not strictly for princes or princesses anymore.
  • The term bocchan is still used in Japan, e.g. for a boy from a very wealthy family.
  • Gehenna means Hell according to Jewish scriptures.