Cheryl Belnades
Name Cheryl Belnades
Kanji シェリル ・ヴェルナンデス
Romanji Sheriru Verunandesu
Race Human
Birthday August 12, 1996
Age 15 (Devil Summoner: Black Exorcist)

16 (Blue Exorcist)

Gender Female
Height 5' 10
Weight 125 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation True Cross Academy
Occupation Exorcist
Previous Occupation Vampire Hunter
Partner Minato Kuzunoha

Ruca Danasty

Base of Operations True Cross Academy
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Maria Belnades (Mother)

Sypha Belnades (Ancestor)

Unknown Father

Alias The Great Belnades Witch
Exorcist Status
Class Exwire
Meister Type Doctor
Feel the True power of the Belnades Clan!

—Cheryl Belnades

Cheryl Belnades is a Exwire rank exorcist and a former Vampire Hunter of the legendary witch family, the Belnades Clan, she is currently attending True Cross Academy with her firend Minato Kuzunoha. She is the Female Main Character of Black Exorcist


Cheryl's Appearance is based off of Charlotte Aluin from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and Mina Hakuba from Dawn of Sorrow, but she has some minor tweaks to her attire. Cheryl wears a blue skirt with a small cloak as part of her uniform, she has a slim build that makes it easy for her move a bit, but the most interesing feature about Cheryl is that she has a long scar that runs down her arm from the battle with king abbadon three months prior.
344px-Charlotte - CHD

Cheryl's normal Battle pose


Cheryl has a snarky Personality she often than not speaks her own opinions and even said to leave Yukio behind when he was hurt in the battle with Loki but she does have a soft spot for her close friends and small animals and plants, she can be bery cold and hateful towards others such as Izumo Kamiki felt her wrath one time.

But to sum up Cheryl she is very Tsundere.


Cheryl was born in the Belnades clan, a famous Exorcist family, a quarter of her family was killed off during the blue night. She met Minato in 2000 one day and found out that he was a Devil Summoner, as the years went on she was trained by her father in the art of magic and was also trained as an exorcist, now before they are attending True Cross Academy..


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Elemental MagicEdit

Because Cheryl is a member of the Belnades Clan she can use all of her family's magic skills such as fire and
600px-Por pic 38

Cheryl Starting the Hellfire Seal

ice, she can also use the Wind and water as she sees fit, he common arte is her Raging Hell Fire.


Cheryl also is very used to the Sealing arts, she uses the Kuzunoha Seal on Rin to controll his Powers when they got out of control on a mission, she also is not to keen on using the Universe Seal to seal up a Gehenna Gate.


  • "Heh... Minato you really haven't really changed have you..."
  • "Come my assistants!" Cheryl summoning her familiars for the first time


Minato KuzunohaEdit

Both Minato and Cheryl are really close friends, this is often brought up by Rin or Ruca, who notice them often talking to each other and laughing, Rin jokes around by saying that Cheryl loves Minato, which she often refuses very quickly.

Ruca DanastyEdit

Ruca and Cheryl have a brother-sister relationship and often they both talk to each other about what happens during their day and Cheryl is always there to lend her ear to him.

Rin OkumuraEdit


One of Cheryl's versions of her True Cross academy Uniform

Cheryl and Rin aren't really on good terms with each other and often she comicly beats up Rin when he says something stupid like how she loves Minato and that she is as cold as Izumo sometimes.

Izumo KamikiEdit

Both Cheryl and Izumo hate each other, all because Izumo called Cheryl a county girl and that she tried to get Cheryl to carry her bags, but Cheryl throws her bags back at Izumo and this causes a fight. But Cheryl saves her later on after they were attacked by a deamon and the two reconciled a bit.


  • Cheryl's pastimes is Shopping, practicing Magic spells and playing video games with Minato, and reading Manga.
  • Cheryl in Devil Summoner: Black Exorcist is not really Tsundere.
  • The Images I used for Cheryl is Charlotte Aluin From Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and Chihaya Ayase from Chihayafuru.