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Claire Valentina
Name Claire Valentina
Kanji バレンクレア
Romanji Baren Kurea
Race Human
Birthday December 16, 1996
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 163 cm (5'4)
Weight 51 kg (113 lb)
Eyes Light Purple
Hair Golden
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features Light Purple Eyes

Natural Golden (not blond) Hair

Professional Status
Affiliation True Cross Academy

True Cross Order

Occupation Exorcist
Partner Eric Valentina
Base of Operations True Cross Academy
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Younger Brother

Parents (deceased)

Alias Golden Butterfly
Exorcist Status
Class Middle First Class
Meister Type Doctor; Knight; Tamer

Claire Valentina (バレンクレア / Baren Kurea) is a genius Middle First Class Exorcist. She is a Doctor, and a Knight, even though she is only 16 years old. She is a student at True Cross Academy, and goes on missions that are located around the school. She is also the younger sister of Eric Valentina.





Powers & Abilities


Sanatana was a gift given by God to a tribe known as the Ardha tribe that existed 1,000 years ago. Claire and her brother both being descendants of that tribe, have the power.




(To an unknown Exorcist) "It's the darkness inside us humans that wants to kill the stronger. We aren't just afraid, but we're jealous too. We're no different from those evil demons."


  • The picture I used for Claire is the heroin, Layla, of Code Geass: Akito of the Ruined Nation.