All demons live in Gehenna. There are many different kinds of demons. The demons can pass over into the world of Assiah by possessing anything that exists within it.

Demons' greatest weaknesses are their tail and heart. The heart of demons serves as their source of power and one demon can draw its full potential once their heart is out. However, once destroyed, the demon would die which makes them at their most vulnerable.

Princes of HellEdit

The Princes of Hell were a Group of Fallen Angels that became Primordial Demons, they are also known as Grand Demons, they are rulers of Gehenna and "Satan" is their figurehead.


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A Prince of Hell and God Emperor of Gehenna, like his fellow brothers he has been found to be too powerful to cross the barrier into Assiah without sealing his powers and weakening himself and even then too powerful to be within a sustainable vessel for long, essentially becoming "Satan".


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A Prince of Hell and known as the "Light Bearer", Lucifer is the lover of Sataniel and is likewise weakened so that he can crossover into Assiah, he takes the form of the Demon "Skoll" however his spirit was trapped in Gehenna by Yuri Egin who feared that Lucifer would be able to walk the Earth in his true form if his spirit fused with "Skoll".

Baal (Eight Demon Kings)Edit