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Egyn is a Demon King and character in the Blue Exorcist fanfiction, "Black Heaven".

History Edit

Not much is known about Egyn's past.

It is implied that she met the Archangels at some point, but the context of that meeting is unknown.

Plot Edit

Chapter 9 Edit

Egyn attended a meeting of the Demon Kings, in which she fought off the Archangel Gabriel.

However, by the end of the battle, Egyn was so injured that she was forced to retreat.

Chapter 10 Edit

Egyn was attacked by a dark angel after she recovered the third seal and the seal was then stolen from her.

Egyn then chased after the dark angel but was halted by Rin and Yukio Okumura before she could kill the dark angel. After a brief battle, Egyn critically wounds Rin and flies away.

Personality Edit

Egyn has a very short fuse, and once it's lit she tends to act psychotically.

Appearance Edit

Egyn has blue and green eyes and hair. She also has pointed ears and sharp fangs, giving her an almost vampire like appearance.

Equipment Edit

Egyn has a pair of thin dual swords.

Unique Abilities Edit

Aquakinesis Edit

Egyn is the Demon King of Water, giving her control over all water demons.

She is also able to summon water as a weapon.

Most impressively, Egyn doesn't have to possess a living human like her brothers. She can form her own body like the angels do out of condensed water. Her water body also makes it near impossible to damage her body, as her body will always reform. She can also make her body melt back down into water and escape a dangerous situation.

Trivia Edit

  • Egyn is the only Demon King to have dual blades.
  • She is the only female Demon King.