Kanji エンマ
Romanji Enma
Race Demon
Gender Male
Eyes Orange-Red
Hair Scarlet
Unusual Features Has a fire golem on his arm
Professional Status
Affiliation Gehenna
Partner Naga
Personal Status
Status alive
Relatives Satan (father)

Miya Kanzaki (sister)
Rin & Yukio Okumura (half-brothers)
Aoi Okumura (half-sister)
Leviathan (half-brother
The Six Princes of Hell (brothers)

Alias The Fire King
Exorcist Status
Meister Type {{{meister type}}}
Enma (エンマ / Enma) is the Fifth Prince of Gehenna and an older brother of Rin, Yukio, Aoi and Leviathan. He's also known as the Fire King.


Enma looks like a fire lord in every respect: Magma horns, magma-esque clothing and and his fire golem arm are dead giveaways. So in short: Just like Amaimon is dressed in green (the label of the Earth King), Enma is dressed in red. Since he's Satan's second-youngest son, he's also one of the shortest. But he's taller than Rin. And he looks more like a child than a full-fledged demon.


Since you could probably guess from his child-like appearance, Enma very often behaves like a child. He has a short temper and is easy to cry. Like his brothers Belphegor and Leviathan, he's really princely (a.k.a pompous) and lazy. He gets ticked off rather easily, which gives his brothers a great opportunity to tease him.

Like Leviathan, Enma also has a young companion called Naga and he hangs around with his brother very often.



Powers & AbilitiesEdit



Enma's self-proclaimed best friend. They often hang around and play pranks on other demons to piss them off.


  • Enma is derived from Enma Dai-Oh, the ruler of hell and a fire demon himself.