Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God.

—The Gospel of Mathew, Chapter 5; Verse 8

God is the Creator of angels, Archangels, humanity, and the universe itself.

History Edit

God has existed from the beginning.

At one point, He chose to create life and began doing so with the Archangel Michael. Michael's creation was followed shortly after by Lucifer, then Raphael, finishing with Gabriel and Uriel, creating them at the exact same moment.

Not long after the creation of the Archangels, God made Assiah, Gehenna, Heaven, and Purgatory, followed by the first mundane creatures. Animals known as the Leviathan. Gabriel found them entertaining, but God decided they were to evil to allow to exist anymore. And so, He ordered Gabriel to destroy the Leviathan.

After the Leviathans' destruction, God created the rest of the angels.

Shortly thereafter, God made humanity, His favorite creation. God then ordered all angels to bow down to humanity. Michael was the first to obey His order, followed by the rest of the Archangels and then the rest of the angels. However, Lucifer refused to serve humanity. He rebelled against God along with all the angels who agreed with him.

After the conflict in Heaven ended, Michael was ordered by God to cast Lucifer into the depths of Gehenna, to which Michael reluctantly agreed.

God has interacted with humanity numerous times since then.

Plot Edit

It is implied that God was the one to send the Archangels Gabriel and Uriel to Assiah.


Personality Edit

God loves his creations to such an extent that he regards them as His children. It is also said that God is very mysterious, as even the Archangels (His firstborns) don't truly understand Him or His plan for the universe.

Appearance Edit

God has yet to make an appearance.

Unique Abilities Edit


God is all-powerful. There are no limits to His power and He is able to do anything imaginable.