Need I remind you that Lucifer is a fanatic? He truly believe's in our father's plan of turning Assiah to ash.

Mephisto, In Chapter 6, Taken

Lucifer is a Demon King and current antagonist in the Blue Exorcist fanfiction "Black Heaven".

History Edit

Little is known about Lucifer's past.

However, it is implied that Lucifer and Gabriel met at some point and Gabriel said that Lucifer "Didn't deserve the name he stole from his fallen father."

Plot Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

It is implied by Amaimon that Lucifer took control of every earth demon in his absence.

Chapter 6 Edit

Lucifer first appears when he hits Gabriel from behind with a mace and then paralyzed Gabriel inside a giant crystal and took him back to the Illuminati.

It is then revealed in a flashback that Mephisto informed Lucifer of Gabriel's presence on earth (purposefully leaving out that Uriel was with him) and his likely intention of killing Rin, which incited Lucifer to capture Gabriel.

Lucifer was then seen on a hospital bed, recovering from the strain he put on his body. Then Shima approached him asking for the location of Gabriel. Lucifer told him the location and Shima left. It is then revealed that Lucifer stole the second seal from Gabriel.

Chapter 7 Edit

Lucifer prevents Shima from disabling the alarm. Then he tells Shima that he was aware of his betrayal from the beginning, and Shima had just become his " bait" before he knocks Shima out.

Chapter 8 Edit

Lucifer fights Gabriel and Uriel before they are interrupted by Shura.

After nearly killing Shura, he is attacked by the rest of the class, only to emerge the victor. Before he can kill them though, his vessel breaks down and he is forced to retreat to Gehenna.

At the end of the chapter, Lucifer's body is restored by a new experimental elixir and he once again possesses it.

Chapter 9 Edit

Lucifer arrives at a summit of the Demon Kings after Beelzebub sends out a distress call.

He is quickly confronted by Gabriel and Uriel there, and is threatened with Beelzebub's death if they didn't receive the second seal. Lucifer agreed and retrieved the seal, but the angels then double cross him and try to kill Beelzebub anyway, but Lucifer prevents them.

Lucifer is then challenged by the Arc Knight, Lightning and the Paladin, Angel. After a long battle, Lucifer is weakened and forced to retreat, but manages to save Iblis' life first.

Chapter 11 Edit

Lucifer is summoned by Yukio, who asks him to save Rin's life in exchange for one of the seals. Lucifer accepts the deal and possesses Azrael, the Angel of Death, and uses her powers to save Rin's life.


Personality Edit

Lucifer is extremely loyal to Satan.

He also tends to show a kind and patient personality to his followers.

But he can also be quite vengeful, as seen when he beat Gabriel with a mace because of Gabriel insulting him centuries earlier.

Appearance Edit


Lucifer's body is rather thin and frail due to his years of inhabiting it.

He has blond hair, green eyes, and a tail with yellow fur.

Lucifer also wears a mask at times to conceal his decaying form. The mask is a bright orange and reveals Lucifer's eyes and mouth.

Equipment Edit

Lucifer used a mace to knock down Gabriel.

Lucifer also possesses a large sword with an ax for a crossguard.

Unique Abilities Edit

Photokinesis Edit

Lucifer can manipulate light, creating lasers and crystals. However, as the oldest son of Satan, the full range of his abilities is most likely astronomical.

Trivia Edit

  • Lucifer's name is not to be confused with Satan's name while he was still an angel.
  • The name Lucifer means "Light-bearer".
  • Lucifer is the secondary antagonist of the story, with Satan being the first.