Even though the Demon King of Time had joined forces with the humans, he wasn't being very helpful to them.

Uriel, In Chapter 4, A Look Behind The Curtain

Mephisto Pheles is a Demon King and character in the Blue Exorcist fanfiction "Black Heaven".

History Edit

Little known about Mephisto's past.

It is implied that he was sent to Assiah by Satan for an unknown reason and found himself enjoying Assiah to a point that he abandoned Gehenna.

It is also implied that Mephisto met the Archangels at some point based on how familiar he is with them.

Plot Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Mephisto explains to Rin, Yukio, and Shura that an earthquake that happened earlier that day was the result of a demon drilling in the ground beneath the school.

Chapter 2 Edit

Mephisto calls in Rin, Yukio, and Shura and informs them about a demon who was reduced to ash an warns them that the same people who did that could be after Rin.

Chapter 3 Edit

Mephisto appears in the beginning of the chapter where Gabriel and Uriel walk in and telekinetically pin him to his chair.

Later, Shura comes to his office and he implants a new demon in her sword so she can use her her sword techniques.

Shura then accuses him of setting them up to battle high level demons only to be rescued by Gabriel and Uriel, which Mephisto denies.

Chapter 4 Edit

Mephisto only appears in a flashback in which it is revealed that Gabriel border line tortured Mephisto to get information on the "Ninth son of Satan". Gabriel is able to get Mephisto to reveal that this son has a human mother as well as the blue flames.

Chapter 5 Edit

It is said that Mephisto has left the Academy temporarily for a meeting.

Chapter 6 Edit

Mephisto is confronted by Uriel for the part he played in Gabriel's abduction. Mephisto does not deny her claim, stating that if she wanted to avoid this, she and Gabriel shouldn't have threatened him. Uriel then tells him that if Gabriel is hurt in any manner, the other Archangels would make him suffer in ways that even hell couldn't compare.

After Uriel left, Amaimon came stepped into the room, asking why Mephisto would betray their aunt. Mephiso then reminded Amaimon of his previous conversation with Lucifer, in which Mephisto informs Lucifer of Gabriel's presence on earth (purposefully leaving out that Uriel was with him) and his likely intention of killing Rin, which incited Lucifer to capture Gabriel.

Amaimon then reminded Mephisto that Lucifer would kick his ass over lying to him. Then Mephisto told his brother that he did all of it as a plot to break down Lucifer's already decaying body. All he had to do was get Uriel angry (which he already did) and then set her free with Lucifer in sight.


Personality Edit

Mephisto is cruel, manipulative, and prideful.

However, he does enjoy Assiah and all it has to offer. In fact, he betrayed his own family to preserve Assiah.

Appearance Edit

Mephisto has pointed ears, violet hair and green eyes. As a demon, it is also heavily implied that he has a tail.

Mephisto also regularly wears a white suit.

Mephisto can also take the form of a dog.

Equipment Edit

Mephisto often uses his umbrella like a wand.

Unique Abilities Edit

Chronokinesis Edit

Mephisto is the King of Time. He has complete mastery over time. He can freeze it, or even move it forward or back. He also has access to his own private dimension which he uses to store weapons and enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • Even Mephisto didn't know that it was the Archangels who killed the demon in the forest (Though he did think it could be a normal angel.
  • Mephisto and Gabriel both share the title of Loki and Trickster.