The mother is mundane. The father is unholy. And this child possesses both a human soul and the blue flames.

Uriel, In Chapter 4, A Look Behind The Curtain

Rin Okumura is the son of Satan, half-demon, older brother of Yukio Okumura, and main protagonist of the Blue Exorcist fanfiction "Black Heaven".

History Edit

Rin was born a few minutes before Yukio. The twins were both taken in by Shiro Fujimoto before he sealed away Rin's demonic powers inside the demon blade Kurikara.

Rin lived for fifteen years under the belief that he was a human being until he was attacked one day by the King of Rot, Astaroth. In the heat of the situation, Rin's blue flames awoke.

After being saved by Shiro, Rin's adoptive father revealed to Rin that he is not a human being, but rather a child of a demon born through a human mother. And the demon who fathered him was Satan himself.

Shiro quickly took Rin back to the church where he was attacked by another wave of demons. The demons were eventually fought off by a group of exorcists who worked with Shiro. However, Satan possessed Shiro's body and attempted to pull Rin into the Gehenna Gate. Before he could though, Shiro regained control of his body and killed himself to save Rin.

However, Rin was still being pulled into the Gehenna Gate. And so, Rin unsheathed the Kurikara sword, ending his existence as a human.

Later, Rin was approached by Mephisto Pheles, who said that Rin was far to dangerous to keep alive at this point. He gave Rin the option to either run away, or simply be killed on the spot. Instead, Rin declared that he would become an exorcist and kill Satan.

The rest of the canon in the story leads up to the Investigation Arc.

Plot Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Rin is in the process of recovering from a hangover when Yukio decides to pull a prank on him by turning on his music as loud as it will go.

Rin is about to respond to Yukio's actions when the entire building begins to shake.

Rin and Yukio then go to Mephisto's office where he explains that earthquake was the result of a demon, digging underneath the earth to enter True Cross Academy.

Rin and Yukio then respond to a call saying that the aforementioned demon was attacking the Grigory's chambers. After some fighting the demon retreats.

Chapter 2 Edit

Rin is called into Mephisto's office, where he is informed that the demon that attacked the Grigory's chambers had been killed by an unknown entity. Mephisto also tells him that there is a good chance whatever killed the demon could come after him since he is the son of Satan.

On his way back to the dorms, accidentally tackles Gabriel, who is accompanied by Uriel. Still, Rin introduces himself to them, mistaking them for students. Gabriel and Uriel return the favor and Rin takes off.

Chapter 3 Edit

Rin battles demons for a mission inside an abandoned school. He struggles against them, but then Gabriel enters and begins to kill his fair share of demons. Because Gabriel had not noticed Rin yet, Rin sheathed Kurikara, unsure if Gabriel was an exorcist.

When they returned to the cram school, Gabriel rejoined Uriel and the pair revealed that they would be attending the school as students. The pair then went to their own penthouse in the company of Yukio and Rin.

Rin and Gabriel then began a conversation in which Gabriel said he could tell Rin wasn't happy with working with his brother, but not to worry, because Gabriel had two siblings besides Uriel with whom he fought often.

Once Gabriel and Uriel went inside, Rin asked Yukio if he thought that their newest additions to the class knew he was the son of Satan. Yukio told Rin that they probably didn't, so it would be good practice in controlling his flames if Rin didn't use them while Gabriel and or Uriel was around.

Chapter 4 Edit

Rin is not present for this chapter. He is only mentioned by Gabriel and Uriel as an example of who the Son of Satan could be.

Chapter 5 Edit

Rin gets called over by Gabriel for an argument that he's having with Bon over the existence of angels. Rin reminds them both that he was raised by a priest and therefore believes fully in angels.

Chapter 6 Edit

Rin hears Uriel asking for help in finding Gabriel, who she hasn't seen for a while. Rin agrees to help and the two go to seek out Shura. Shura then looks up security footage revealing that Gabriel was taken by the King of Light, Lucifer.

Chapter 7 Edit

Rin went to Uriel's penthouse to check on her and found out that she an Shima had sex. She then makes Rin promise not to tell her brother about it when he gets back, stating that Gabriel would "Murder Shima, then Uriel, then Shima again."

Rin promised and then left.

After which, Uriel and Shima had sex again.

Rin was also present during a class meeting while talking about Gabriel's rescue.

Chapter 8 Edit

Rin manages to kill a hell-hound in the beginning of the chapter.

Later, he fights off Lucifer and saves the lives of Shura and the class.

Chapter 9 Edit

Rin appears in this chapter primarily during his fight with the King of Fire, Iblis. He eventually manages to defeat Iblis, but receives a few minor injuries.

Chapter 10 Edit

Rin is invited to a weekend at the beach by Gabriel and Uriel where they are attacked by a Dark Angel.

Rin chases after her but finds himself fighting Egyn, who critically injures him.

Chapter 11 Edit

Rin wakes up and finds himself in his childhood home, where Yukio takes him to the kitchen and he sees Shiro Fujimoto, the man who raised him and should be dead. Rin assumes its a dream and has dinner, but after leaving the room for a moment, everyone disappears. Rin is then approached by a woman named Azrael claiming that she is the Angel of Death, here to collect Rin's soul.

Rin tries to run away from her, but everywhere he runs she finds him. Eventually, Azrael tracks him down an promises him that if he goes with her, she will let him reunite with Shiro Fujimoto in the afterlife. Rin is tempted to leave with her when Lucifer suddenly takes possession of her and uses her powers to bring Rin back to life.

Chapter 12 Edit

Rin fights a fallen angel and nearly dies until Michael saves his life.

Chapter 13 Edit

Rin is assaulted by an oracle, who attempts to collect a prophecy of him. When asked why, the oracle reveals that Gabriel and Uriel sent her to confirm their suspicions that he is the son of Satan.

Chapter 14 Edit

Rin confronts Gabriel on sending the oracle after him. Gabriel doesn't deny it, and it quickly leads to a battle.

Rin manages to defeat Gabriel, shattering Gabriel's sword and forcing him to retreat to Heaven.


Personality Edit

Rin is very easy to aggravate and quite reckless. He enjoys crossing lines and breaking rules for fun.

Still, despite his parentage, Rin hates Satan and swears to defeat him.

Rin also has the deep seeded desire to protect his loved ones from demons. He also has a soft spot for animals.

Appearance Edit

Rin holds no resemblance what so ever to his twin brother. He has dark blue hair with solid blue eyes.

After awakening his demon powers, Rin's ears become pointed, his canine teeth sharpen into a fang like appearance, and he grows a tail.

When Rin unsheathes Kurikara, his pointed ears extend even further and blue flames coat his body. Two blue flames also appear on top of his head like a pair of horns.

Equipment Edit

Rin's standard weapon is Kurikara, which acts as a normal sword as well as helps to focus his blue flames. Rin's standard attacks are channeled through the sword; like Satan Slash, Satan Bomb, etc.

Unique Abilities Edit

Pyrokinesis Edit

Rin is the only one of Satan's children to possess the blue flames, which can burn whatever the user wants. Rin has mastered control of the blue flames to such an extent, he can pick and choose what gets burned by his flames.

Demonic Strength, Stamina, etc. Edit

As a half demon, Rin is has enhanced senses and physical abilities.

Demonic Perception Edit

Rin is able to perceive the true forms of demons and can even hear a demons thoughts as seen with Kuro.

Trivia Edit

  • Rin does not know that Gabriel and Uriel are angels, or even that they're related to him.
  • Just like Rin doesn't realize that Gabriel and Uriel are angels, they didn't know that Rin is the son of Satan.