Rita Graceland is a Lower Second Class Knight and Dragoon. She attends True Cross Academy for a period of time before moving to Kyoto, and then America. She is currently in the custody of Arthur Auguste Angel, along with Yukio Okumura, for protecting Rin.

Appearance Edit

Rita is a girl who stands at 5'4" and has a varying appearance. Toward the start of Indigo Exorcist, she has medium-length bleach-white hair and light purple eyes. She wears the standard True Cross Academy uniform and on her days off she is mostly seen in jeans and a blue and white t-shirt with the Superman logo on it. When she moves to Kyoto, her hair is cut to a much shorter length and she pierces her ears, and continues to wear her casual clothing each day, not bothering to appear formal. Around the time she moves to America, she lets her hair grow back to around shoulder-length and dyes it different shades of red (currently a glossy red colour). Though this is only Rita's human appearance, she also has signs of a demonic appearance. Normally kept hidden under her shirt (at the risk of someone accidentally seeing it) is her tail, which greatly resembles a fox tail, but thinner and more blood-red in colour. Her irises are slightly oval-shaped, and turn indigo when she uses her demonic sight. Her eye colour is a trademark among half-foxcats, as all children born from a foxcat have purple eyes. When she releases her demon powers, her tail multiplies into three and grow in size, her eyes become large and pure white, and her canines sharpen greatly, along with her nails becoming claws.

Personality Edit

Rita's personality slightly varies throughout her time in True Cross and Kyoto. At first, she seems distant and has no manners, but as she spends more time with the students she is shown to be considerate and protective, and sometimes downright weird. She often thinks and proves that she has a morbid and slightly sadistic side, but it shows less and less as she gains more friends and allies. She has been shown to be territorial in her fights and often tries to fight her demon side to see reason in things, and succeeds most of the time. Her protective and sometimes laid back personality is influenced by her brother, Jonathan, as he was one of the only father figures and examples she had in her life.

Rita is also a very doubtful person, especially coming to Tamer skills. Instead of worrying about summoning a demon or spirit, she worries about whether or not she uses too much power when she summons one, which, apparently, could result in her summoning a demon bigger than the building she is in.

Rita also seems to be a fan of the Indianna Jones series, as she was excited to receive all of the movies from her brother on her tenth birthday.

History Edit

Rita knew about exorcists and demons for her whole life, and was raised to help her brother perform them. Up until age seven, she was taught how to use a sword, aim a gun, and even make remedies to cure demon poison.

When she was eight, Jonathan introduced her to an exorcist by the name of Eden Mackenzie. Eden, a Middle Second Class Aria, had a family of his own with a daughter around Rita's age. For three years, until July 16th, Eden and his family helped raise Rita.

On Rita's tenth birthday, which is on July 16th, Jonathan left her in the care of the Mackenzies and went to get a few things for the party. The day took a turn for the worst, however, when Eden's wife, Marge, was possessed by Rita's father. Eden was unable to fight the demon, and had told his daughter to keep Rita safe, which resulted in his death in front of the children. After witnessing Marge's following death, the girls retreated to the treehouse and tried to stay hidden, but a demon arrives and snatches Eden's daughter, devouring her as Rita's father tries to take her with him. Jonathan shows up and calls for his sister, and is answered with the demon attacking him. He exorcises it quickly and then Rita is possessed by her father, which releases her demon powers. After Jonathan performs an exorcism on her, he is thrown away by Rita's father. Rita, wanting to help her brother, picks up the gun he dropped and shoots her father in the back, causing him to run before a battle breaks out.

Between the ages ten and fifteen, Rita travels to Japan with Jonathan and performs exorcisms with him, mastering her abilities and using them against other demons without harming bystanders. By the time she starts classes at the cram school, Rita has learned almost everything each class has to teach.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

Knight Edit

Because Rita knows how to channel her power and energy through bladed weapons, she prefers to use swords and daggers in exorcisms. Because she put Knight down as her meister skill for the ExWire exams, she graduated as a Knight.

Dragoon Edit

Though she doesn't use a gun much in her exorcisms, Rita is quite skilled when using a variety of guns. She had also put down Dragoon as her meister skill for the ExWire exams, and also graduated as a Dragoon.

Tamer Edit

Even though Rita does not enjoy using her Tamer skills, she seems to use it most in practicing her skills and finding ways to exorcise a demon. Her most summoned demons are Kohaku and Hotaru, unidentical twin demons who serve under the King of Fire. They are apparently now Rita's familiars.

Aria Edit

Rita has noted a few times that she knows some of the fatal verses, but often defends by saying that they physically hurt to say.

Doctor Edit

Though no Doctor skills are shown, Rita seems to know what is what when it comes to pharmaceuticals. She knows enough to ignore Yukio's classes and answer sudden questions with ease.

Demonic Sight Edit

Rita has the ability to see a demon's energy and calculate how strong the demon is from the energy. When she uses this, her eyes brighten to an indigo colour, which is the colour of a foxcat's energy. When she saw Rin's energy, she said it was the scariest she had ever encountered.

Enchanced Speed and Strength Edit

When she does this, she clicks her heels together and collides her fists with each other, which coats the limbs with purple flames and sends demonic power to the areas. She gets to be strong enough to create a wave of fire from a single clap and fast enough to outrun a purebred foxcat.

Sensitive Smell and Hearing Edit

Rita often notes that her ears are a blessing and a pain, as she can hear people whispering three rooms away from her and she can elevate this to a one mile radius if she concentrated hard enough. Her sense of smell is heightened, as well. She uses this to her advantage when cooking, and will help her friend Usagi with this ability when she arrives in Kyoto.

Indigo Flames Edit

Like Rin, Rita can call upon her flames at command. She tends to use them as an energy storage and only releases them when she temporarily loses her sense of humanity (so far only happening twice) and when she is literally beyond calming during a fight. She also uses her fire to help Jem control his, which is quite unstable at the moment. She can easily manipulate her fire and create fireballs and tornadoes out of them, but this drains her greatly and tends to only use them during training. The only time she has gone further in her fire techniques is when she and Hannah have a sparring match with the cram school students watching. Although Rita was closer to winning the match, both half-foxcats were drained to the point of a five minute forced-rest.

Guardian Edit

The sword that Eden had left for Rita before his death, it's entire blade is made of a glass-like material that doesn't seem to crack and when held to the light it reflects an array of colours. Rita has kept it with her for as long as possible, and will panic if she loses it, as she sees it as a reminder of the family she lost.

Trivia Edit

·Rita thinks that, because foxcats are a combination of fox and cat demons, she and Kuro get along so well due to a "cat-demon thing."

Quotes Edit

(To Jem Kelso) "Scheming is such a harsh word. I prefer 'intense plotting.'"

(To Hotaru and Kohaku) "You guys are demons. You coulda just run away or set the place on fake-fire. And since when do you eat?"

(When introducing her Lieutenants to the gang) "Steve's my second-in-command. I trust him with my life, as well as Jem and - unbelievably - Hannah."

(To Bon) "You're gonna rock-paper-scissors it, aren't you?"

(To Angel, after seeing Jonathan's ghost) "Can't say. Too much blood-loss and I still have some of that gas in my lungs. I think I was hallucinating earlier, too."