The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning.

—The Gospel of John, Chapter 3; Verse 8

Satan is a Fallen Angel and the main antagonist of the Blue Exorcist fanfiction "Black Heaven".

History Edit

Satan, known as Lucifer at the time, was created by God some time after the creation of Michael.

Lucifer was the most beloved of all God's angels, even though Michael was more loyal.

Lucifer also bore witness to the creation of Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel.

After all, Lucifer taught Gabriel everything he knows now.

—Uriel , In chapter 4, A Look Behind The Curtain

When the twins were created, they were quite shy and fearful of their older kin. Lucifer was the very first to approach them and tell them there was nothing to be afraid of. This caused a strong bond between Gabriel and Lucifer to be forged.

Millennia later, God created humanity. Lucifer was greatly underwhelmed and overall disgusted with these creatures, even more so when God ordered the angels to bow down to them. Lucifer's siblings, although confused by the creation of humanity, obeyed their order. Lucifer himself refused to bow down to humans, and declared a war against God.

Eventually, the war began to climax with God's army gaining the upper hand.

Lucifer then received a message from Gabriel through a Seraph, who told him that Gabriel was willing to join his side so long as they could meet to discuss terms. When Lucifer arrived, he was ambushed by the Archangels who weakened him long enough for Michael to cast him into Gehenna.

Lucifer then began to take his frustrations of being cast out on other fallen angels and the souls of dead humans. Over a period of time, these angels and souls would transform into evil spirits known as demons.

Lucifer also forsook the name God gave him, taking the name Satan.

Satan has gone to earth several times over the centuries to destroy humanity. He tempted Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, tempted Jesus Christ three times in the desert, and even played a role in Judas Iscariot's betrayal of Jesus.

Satan's hatred of humanity was eventually halted upon meeting the human woman Yuri Egin, with whom he eventually fell in love. Yuri reciprocated his feelings and the two began a romantic relationship. They were so in love, Yuri actually offered him control of her body so that he could experience the world just as she did. Because he had her consent, her body did not instantly burn out as many of his other vessels did.

Eventually, Satan and Yuri wanted to nurture a life together. So, through unknown methods, Yuri became pregnant with Satan's child. Yuri was then hunted down by the Vatican who wanted to abort the pregnancy. She managed to hide away for a total of nine months and then gave birth to twins Rin and Yukio Okumura, before dying from child birth.

Satan blamed the exorcists who hunted Yuri for her death and thus, his hatred for humanity was rekindled.

Fifteen years later, Satan went to Assiah, possessing the body of Shiro Fujimoto. Satan attempted to kidnap Rin by pulling him into the Gehenna Gate, but failed when Rin closed the portal using his own blue flames.

Plot Edit

Satan has been mentioned multiple times throughout the story. It can be interpreted that he sent all the demons throughout the story to Assiah himself.


Personality Edit

Satan is the embodiment of evil itself. He delights in torturing humans and sending demons to Assiah to kill them. He is cruel, yet as shown with his skills in temptation, he can be quite convincing.

Appearance Edit

Contrary to popular culture which depicts Satan as having red skin, hooves, and horns, Satan is said to be the most beautiful angel that God ever created.

Unique Abilities Edit

Satan was once known as The Archangel of Rage, Fear, and Light.

Rage Edit

When Satan engages in battle, he uses his own rage as well as the rage of his opponent as a fuel source. It makes it so that he can fight as long as anger is present near him.

Fear Edit

Satan has the power to sense the fear of his opponent and feed off their terror to make himself stronger.

Flight Edit

Even though he was cast out, Satan still has his wings.

Access to Heaven Edit

The Gates of Heaven are closed to any angel that is cast out. However, Satan can return to Heaven at anytime. Still, if he does this, any angel that sees him will surely attack him.

Photokinesis Edit

Satan has the power to manipulate light. He can use this to blind, confuse, and attack his enemies

Pyrokinesis Edit

Satan is the master of blue flames. When Creation was finished, God allowed the Archangels to divide the universe among themselves. Michael, being the oldest, took Heaven. Meanwhile, Raphael took the sky, Uriel took the land and sun, Gabriel took the sea and stars, and Satan drew the shortest straw and took Gehenna. Because he took Gehenna, Satan has the power to manipulate hell fire, also known as the blue flames.

Possession Edit

Satan is able to posses a human body, although he mostly does this out of necessity. As a result of him being cast out, Satan is no longer able to create his own human form to use when he goes to Assiah. This means he must posses a human to enter Assiah, but very few humans can sustain Satan entering their body, if at all. This means that Satan can spend a few minutes at Assiah at max.