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It's ironic that you say hell...because we're actually quite the opposite.

—Uriel to a demon, In Chapter 1, Genesis

Uriel is an Archangel and a character in the Blue Exorcist fanfiction "Black Heaven".

History Edit

Uriel was created by God at the exact same moment as Gabriel.

Uriel was first sent to earth to expel Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Several years later, Uriel was sent to Egypt, where she taught the ancient Egyptians how to record knowledge through artwork. And thus, the Egyptian hieroglyphics, were born. While she was there, Uriel fell in love with the human queen, Cleopatra. The two began a romantic relationship only for it to end abruptly when Cleopatra's affections moved to Mark Anthony. Uriel, with her heart broken, killed both Anthony and Cleopatra and staged h34 suicide.

Even Uriel's older siblings were frightened by God, as He was infuriated with Uriel's actions in killing both humans. Still, Uriel has continued to fall in love with several humans and angels throughout the centuries.

Plot Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Uriel was sent to Assiah with Gabriel for the sake of killing the rumored "Ninth son of Satan".

Upon their arrival, Gabriel injured a demon that they came across, with the aforementioned demon being killed by Uriel shortly afterword.

Uriel then wrote a warning in the ashes of the demon which translate to "Behold our glory, for we are coming".

Chapter 2 Edit

The two then began walking towards True Cross Academy, being stopped by a police officer along the way. They both then changed their appearance to look like adolescents, which caused the officer to leave them be.

When they both arrived at True Cross, Gabriel was accidentally tackled by Rin on his way back to the dormitory. Unaware they were speaking to the son of Satan, both angels politely introduced themselves and allowed Rin to walk off.

Chapter 3 Edit

The next day, the twins went to Mephisto's office, where Gabriel forced him to say everything he knew about the "Ninth son of Satan". Mephisto would not answer at first so Gabriel compelled him to tell the truth. Gabriel's interrogation went on until Uriel stopped him, reminding Gabriel that he could kill Mephisto if he overused his ability, which also left Rin's name unsaid. Uriel then left the office, but first told Mephisto that it would be nice if the cram school students could be set up to fail on a mission, so that she and Gabriel could save them and gain their trust.

The next day, the cram school students were trapped in an abandoned school with a dozen demons. Gabriel and Uriel then arrived and saved the lives of the cram school students, Yukio and Shura included.

Once they returned to the school, Gabriel and Uriel told the class that they were students who had just enrolled. They then asked for Yukio and Rin to escort them back to their own penthouse off campus so they could use Yukio's infinity key.

Chapter 4 Edit

The next day, Gabriel and Uriel talked about who the ninth son of Satan could be. Gabriel suggested that it could be Rin, but Uriel disagreed because Rin had a human brother. Gabriel admitted Uriel was probably right, but that it was time to check in with the other Archangels to discuss their progress. The two then cast a spell which brought their older siblings before them in the appearance of pillars of fire. They informed their siblings that the ninth son of Satan was half human and possessed the blue flames. Michael admitted that the child was indeed dangerous, but then revealed (to the reader) that Gabriel and Uriel's mission on earth was not to find the son of Satan, but for an unknown reason.

Gabriel then asked Uriel why she thought Satan's son would be at a school for exorcists to be. Uriel responded by saying that she heard rumors that this child hated Satan just as much as them.

Gabriel then returned to the notion that it could be Rin, stating that he had the same eyes as Satan. Uriel then berated Gabriel for comparing the unknown child to Satan. Gabriel, not wanting to continue the fight, simply left the room.

Chapter 5 Edit

Uriel was seen much later in the chapter, where she began a brief argument with Gabriel. The argument was cut short when Gabriel showed her a crest which Uriel then Identified as a "Seal" that when broken, would trigger the end of the world.

Chapter 6 Edit

Uriel talked to Gabriel on the phone after he found another seal.

The next day, Uriel went to the cram school looking for Gabriel, as he hadn't returned to the penthouse that night. Rin agreed to assist in the search, while Yukio advised her to seek out Shura's help.

At Shura's apartment, Shura looked up a security tape which revealed to them that Gabriel was taken by the Demon King of Light, Lucifer.

Upon discovering who kidnapped her brother, Uriel sought out Mephisto, claiming that he must have been the one to expose their presence on earth to Lucifer. Mephisto didn't deny the claims, stating that if Uriel wanted to prevent this, she shouldn't have threatened him with her brother.

Uriel then threatened to exorcise Mephisto, to which he revealed (to the reader) that while she and Gabriel were twins, Gabriel had always been stronger than her, and without him, she could never defeat him alone.

Uriel did not deny Mephisto's claims, but did warn him that she and Gabriel had two siblings who were "bigger in every sense of the word" that would destroy Mephisto if Gabriel was hurt in anyway out of simple vengeance.

Chapter 7 Edit

Uriel contacts Michael and Raphael, informing them about Gabriel's capture and the seals being sought after by the demons.

Michael warns her to take care of it, otherwise he and Raphael would have to come down and take care of things themselves. Then they left.

Uriel then invited Shima over claiming it was for a party. Uriel then took off her shirt and invited Shima to keep her company for the night.

Uriel awoke the next morning because Rin was checking on her. She then makes Rin promise not to tell her brother about it when he gets back, stating that Gabriel would "Murder Shima, then Uriel, then Shima again."

Rin promised and then left.

After which, Uriel and Shima had sex again.

Uriel was also present during a class meeting while talking about Gabriel's rescue.

Chapter 8 Edit

Uriel is chased by a hell-hound upon her entrance in the Illuminati's facility. She eventually evaded it only to be stopped by the female Illuminati researcher. Uriel used her powers to enthrall the researcher, then had her take Uriel to Gabriel. Once there, Uriel knocked the researcher out, then used terrakinesis to let Gabriel out of the crystal.

Once Gabriel was free, Uriel warned him never to worry her like that again.

Uriel then followed Gabriel to Lucifer, where the three briefly battled before taking Shima out of the facility.

Later, Uriel ran out of the penthouse after Gabriel found out that she and Shima slept together.

Chapter 9 Edit

Uriel and Gabriel work together to imprison Beelzebub in stone.

Later, they confront the Demon Kings, stating that if they wanted Beelzebub back, they would have to hand back the second seal, to which Lucifer reluctantly agreed.

Upon giving over the seal, Uriel attempted to double cross the demons by killing Beelzebub, but was stopped by Lucifer.

Uriel then engaged in a battle with Astaroth, who was driven away when Uriel burned him using the light of the sun.

Chapter 10 Edit

Gabriel and Uriel arranged for themselves and the cram school students to spend a weekend at the beach for the first week of summer.

There Uriel went shopping with the female students and when she got back, she discovered that a dark angel attacked the group.

She later joined Gabriel and the two were given the third seal by the aforementioned dark angel, Ramiel. Ramiel then proceeded to tell them that Rin was the ninth son of Satan.

Chapter 12 Edit

Uriel returns to Assiah and is not happy to see that Rin is alive, but she is forbidden from killing him by Michael, at least until they have proof that he's a demon.

Uriel later accompanies the class to a mission in which they track down a fallen angel, who had received the first seal from Lucifer. Before then, Uriel notices Rin's familiar and attempts to pet him, but Kuro scratches her because his instincts tell him she is dangerous.

Chapter 13 Edit

Gabriel and Uriel send an oracle after Rin to confirm their suspicions about him being the son of Satan. The oracle returns with the prophecy about Rin that confirms his demonic heritage.

Having no further use for the oracle, Gabriel pushes her over the balcony to her death.

Chapter 14 Edit

Uriel holds off Shura, Yukio, and Angel as Gabriel fights Rin.

Uriel leaves the fight when Gabriel is critically injured by Rin and retreats to Heaven.


Personality Edit

Uriel loves the arts with a passion. She also tends to be quite emotional, yet can be very cruel towards demons. She, like her brother, are so human like that they can pass for humans without anyone being suspicious.

Uriel also has a vice for alcohol and sex.

Gabriel has also stated that his sister is a bit bipolar.

Appearance Edit

Uriel holds no apparent resemblance to her twin brother. She has golden blond hair and matching golden wings. She wears bronze and gold armor but switches to a variety of clothing when not in battle. She has emerald green eyes and is always seen wearing a golden bracelet with multicolored gems in it.

Uriel also has a golden sun tattoo on her shoulder and two golden wing tribal style wing tattoos on her back (Which are actually what her wings look like folded up).

Equipment Edit


"Star Shooter"

Star Shooter Edit

Uriel carries a golden bow, named "The Star Shooter", with her which shoots arrows composed of pure light. She is able to make these arrows move in whatever direction pleases her so that they can find her target. She can also use the sharp edges as a sword or break the bow in half and use it as two separate blades.

The White Sun Edit

The Star Shooter can also transform into an white bow that fires much larger arrows. The drawback is that Uriel can no longer use the bow as a blade but the arrows she fires gain the power to burn and blind demons.


"The Crown of Thorns"

The Crown of Thorns Edit

In 'Black Heaven' Uriel also has a whip with spikes along it named "The Crown of Thorns." She uses it for mid-ranged attacks.

The Gold Princess Edit

The whip can also wrap around Uriel's arm and form a gauntlet with a gold claw on the index finger. If the claw lands a blow on a human, it delivers a toxin that severs the nerves and causes paralysis. Upon contact with their opponents skin, it also causes a golden sun tattoo to mark their skin. If Uriel strikes that tattoo a second time, the opponent turns to stone.

Unique Abilities Edit

Uriel is known to the Heavenly Host as the Archangel of Art, Love, and Protection.

Art Edit

Uriel possesses incredible talent in all forms of art.

Inspiration Edit

Uriel inspires humans with works of literature, art, fashion, dance, etc.

Image Creation Edit

Not unlike Gabriel's illusions, Uriel can give form to anything she can think. This ability does not allow Uriel to create matter, but she can create light and use it to make an almost hologram like image. She does this sometimes to communicate with other Angels from a long distance, by projecting her own image to them, and projecting their image back to her. It was Uriel's creative use of this ability to deliver messages among angels and their colorful appearance that caused the Greeks to mistake her for Iris, the mythological goddess of the rainbow.

Love Edit

Uriel also has the power to cause two humans to fall in love with each other. She does this only if their union is ordered by God.

Seduction. Edit

Uriel is able to seduce any human, beast, demon, or angel through eye contact (Upon which her eyes turn a golden color). Someone seduced by Uriel falls in love with her to such an extent, they would jump off a bridge if she asked them. However, this ability does not work on blood relatives or someone who is in already love with someone else.

Protection Edit

Gabriel has stated in the past that each of the Archangels has mastery over a specific skill set. For Uriel, that is defense.

Wings Edit

Uriel sports a pair of large golden wings. Her wings are indestructible and their large size allows her to use them as a shield for herself and several others.

Shield Edit

Uriel can also generate shields of light at will to block enemy attacks. They become especially powerful when used in conjunction with her wings.

Terrakinesis Edit

Uriel also has the power to manipulate the earth itself. When Creation was finished, God allowed the Archangels to divide the universe among themselves. Michael, being the oldest, took Heaven. Meanwhile, Raphael took the sky, Uriel took the land and sun, Gabriel took the sea and stars, and Satan drew the shortest straw and took Gehenna. Because Uriel took the land, she is able to manipulate ground and all land creatures as she pleases.

Solarkinesis Edit

Uriel also took possession of the sun. This is especially important, for it means that Uriel is in charge of safeguarding the sun itself, which is the source of all life on earth.

Psychic Connection Edit

Gabriel and Uriel also share a very unusual gift. As the only twin Angels in existence, it is something only they can use. They are eternally aware of each other. This means that they can sense where the other is, what they're feeling, and even if they're in danger at any time they wish.

Trivia Edit

  • Uriel's name means "God is my light."
  • Uriel's weapons are both based off of weapons from various video games.
  1. Her bow is based off of Kid Icarus.
  2. Her whip is based off of Darksiders 3.